Jean-François Dor, the artist.

Jean-François Dor was born in Belgium and lived most of his life in London. He started painting aged 15 after being fascinated by paintings of Hyeronimus Bosch, in particular “The Garden of Earthly Delights” It keeps inspiring him as it did to Miro, Calder, Dali, Picasso and many others.


Formely known as "X" he brushed shoulders and more with Anthony d'Offay, Andy Warhol, Peter Blake, Gilbert and Georges, Gerard Richter, Lucian Freud, Francis Bacon and many others.


He subsequently founded the European Open platform helping artists exhibit their work in unconventional spaces and at the work place.


Since, he has exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts, the Royal Festival Hall, the Arts Club, the French Embassy and the Banque Paribas amongst many places and some of his works now belong to private & public collections around the world.


Jean- François uses vibrant colours and his paintings are often close to abstraction before one surprisingly discovers a form or a meaning . If you look closely at his work, you will sometimes distinguish a figure or a sign which reflect Jean-François’s love for life, arts and people.


Some works are strangely close to primitive art, with some mysterious and unexpected insight into past and lost civilisations.


Most of his work is acrylic paint, mixed media, inks, watercolours, gouaches, oil pastel, seaweeds and other materials. He signs his work with a quadruple C letter interlinked and intertwined.


When you enter his universe, the frontier between reality and illusion becomes unclear and you discover another world.


Jean François was chairman of the Arts Club Charitable Trust promoting the Arts for many years. As such he was invited to judge various prestigious awards, mainly in London, such as BITE, The excellence in drawing award and various other awards listed on the Trust's website with judges such as Sir Peter Blake, RA & Philip Mould.





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